Latitude AI Is Changing the Way We Play

Latitude Team
3 min readFeb 10, 2021


Almost two years ago at a hackathon, we asked ourselves, “Can AI change the way we make games, giving us the freedom that a human dungeon master does? Is it possible to create something new and different that rewarded users for their imaginations and creativity?” Since then, we’ve gone all-in on this vision and turned it into a reality with Latitude. We built the first game powered by AI where you’re not constrained by the pre-imagined options programmed by a developer and where anything is possible. In the last year, our team has been blown away by how AI Dungeon, our flagship game, has been received. For that, we want to thank the more than 1.5 million creators and players who have come to the platform.

Joining Forces with Network Effects and Games Experts

Having realized our initial vision, we found partners that could help us take Latitude to the next level in NFX, Griffin Gaming Partners, and Album VC. NFX are experts in network effects, and its partners have worked with companies including Lyft, Doordash, and a host of gaming companies, including Second Life. Their General Partner, James Currier, is a pioneer of user-generated models, viral marketing, and a myriad of other growth techniques now followed by nearly all technology companies. Griffin Gaming Partners are experts in gaming and have worked with mainstays including Discord and Super Social. Peter Levin, the firm’s Managing Director, brings a wealth of knowledge to the table with decades of digital strategy experience at some of Hollywood’s biggest studios. Album Capital is another partner with experience working with early-stage technology companies, including Jolt and Baller TV.

The Vision

As the pioneers in this revolution in gaming, we’re committed to achieving our vision of creating games where you aren’t constrained by the limited options the developer wrote for you to choose from, where NPCs aren’t just art assets with some hand crafted dialog, and where worlds aren’t frozen, walled off boxes.

With the rapid advances of AI we’ll finally be able to make games where you can shape the world in an infinite number of unique ways, where each experience, character, and place is unique and living, where worlds change from your actions, and where the inhabitants of those worlds feel alive and real.

This funding will accelerate us towards achieving that vision, helping us scale our platform, enabling IP holders and creators to build infinite AI powered experiences that can change the way we play. Part of this includes expanding the Latitude team by hiring those visionaries who are as excited about the future of AI and games as we are. This will all help to fuel the rocket that brings us into the future, enabling us to build the games that so many have dreamed of, but never been able to play until now.

Join us

If you love gaming and the potential of AI to revolutionize how we make games, join us!

For IP holders, we’d love to speak to you about leveraging the power of our platform to add new, interactive dimensions to your existing creations. Reach out to us.


Nick and Alan Walton