How we scaled AI Dungeon 2 to support over 1,000,000 users

Source: AI Dungeon Classic
Source: AI Dungeon Classic
Source: AI Dungeon

How to spend $50,000 on GCP

When I first released AI Dungeon 2, it wasn’t a hosted app. Instead, it was a Google Colab notebook that users would copy and run, which would download the AI Dungeon model and install the game’s interface.

Source: Google Colab

Deploying GPT-2 at scale — without going broke

Within 12 hours of PCCL shutting down AI Dungeon 2, our community had hacked together a peer-to-peer solution for sharing the model via torrent, which meant the game was back up with no egress charges. (Note: This is just one of the amazing ways our community has sustained and improved AI Dungeon 2. More on that later.)

  • Wraps your model in an API and containerizes it
  • Deploys your model to the cloud, exposing your API as an HTTP endpoint
  • Auto scales your instances to handle traffic fluctuations

Scaling AI Dungeon has been a community effort

At each stage of development, the community has been key to unlocking our next stage of scale.

  • BYU PCCL paying our initial GCP bill
  • The users who brought AI Dungeon 2 back online via torrent within 12 hours of it shutting down
  • Braydon Batungbacal, who volunteered to build the iOS and Android apps
  • The Patreon supporters who continue to fund AI Dungeon’s development
  • Open source projects like Cortex that have worked to support AI Dungeon



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