Experience Your Favorite Worlds with the Magic of AI

AI Dungeon’s World of Cthulhu marks the beginning of the future of entertainment.

Latitude Team
2 min readOct 31, 2020

How many times have you seen the credits rolling or finished the last page of a book and wished that the story wasn’t over? That you could continue to experience and live in that world?

For the very largest franchises you may get lucky if the series is continued or a sequel comes out, but for the vast majority of worlds you’ll never get to continue to experience it again.

AI will completely change this.

What AI Makes Possible

AI has been advancing at an extremely fast pace over the last decade. With the release of AI Dungeon, for the first time we’ve proven that you can make fun engaging experiences that are entirely powered by a natural language AI.

This lets AI Dungeon give players something no other game has ever been able to, unlimited freedom and endless possibilities.

But AI has another superpower. Unlike normal game systems, you can train AI game systems on new types of content and let it completely switch the genre, style, or world that it gives you. Because of that, for the first time ever we can enable dreamers to continue to experience and live out the stories of their favorite worlds, regardless of whether there are large companies willing to invest in making new experiences for it.

World of Cthulhu

We’re excited to announce our very first experience trained specifically on a single world!

Welcome to the World of Cthulhu.

Trained on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, this custom AI storyteller lets you jump into the world he created. You’ll be able to explore the world with an entirely unique story every time without ever running out of content. This is the first prototype so there will certainly be kinks and issues that we’ll improve over time, but it demonstrates something really exciting.

You can play the new World of Cthulhu on AI Dungeon for free until the end of November.

The Future

This is just the beginning. Because we don’t need to spend the millions of dollars that it would normally take to build each new experience, we can build AI powered experiences for any genre or world. Our vision is to build a multiverse of countless worlds powered by AI that allow you to continue to explore and experience the worlds you love.