AI Dungeon Universes

Universes Are Vibes

The universe setting will be available on the world info page, at the top.
A prompt about Harry Houdini.
A completion using the “default” universe.
A different completion using the “H.P. Lovecraft” universe

Making AI Dungeon (And Universes)

An example of an adventure from

The Cthulhu Model

AI Dungeon is a copy of GPT-3 trained on Choose Your Story data. The Cthulhu model is similarly a copy trained on H.P. Lovecraft stories.
H.P. Lovecraft stories, and an example of a Lovecraftian adventure.

One Model To Rule Them All

Examples of CTRL tags. Each text document they have is tagged (in red) with where it came from (books, horror stories, yelp reviews, reddit relationship advice, etc.). The prompt is in blue. Each tag makes the model auto-complete the document as if it came from that source.
Example of adding tags to the tops of stories. We’re experimenting with the right format for the tags, so this isn’t necessarily what you’ll see in game.
When universes are enabled, we’ll append the appropriate tag to the top of the story (but hidden from story history, like memory). This puts AI Dungeon in the appropriate “mode.”

Testing Universes




Making AI a tool of creativity and freedom for everyone.

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Latitude Team

Latitude Team

Making AI a tool of creativity and freedom for everyone.

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