AI Dungeon Multiplayer is Out!


AI Dungeon was partially inspired by Dungeons and Dragons when I realized that there were no games available that gave you the same freedom to do anything that I found in DnD. AI Dungeon makes unlimited freedom possible by using powerful natural language generation models like GPT-2 to decide what happens in a story no matter how crazy your action is.

How it works

Multiplayer (Alpha) AI Dungeon works very similar to normal single player, but with a few differences.

  • Players alternate taking turns doing actions with the AI generating a result after each action.
  • You can play with both local (pass-n-play) and online friends.
  • Actions and stories are now all in third person rather than second person.
  • The host of a multiplayer game can act like a dungeon master and supervise the AI, modifying and fixing responses it gives.

How to play

Right now hosting a multiplayer game is only available to people who subscribe at $4.99 a month and become AI Dungeon supporters. However anyone can join a multiplayer game that a supporter hosts.


A big part of our vision is to use AI to power vast, living game worlds where your actions leave lasting effects on the world.



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